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There are many places to get data.  Here are a few places that I like to get data....and put it in your google drive as a spreadsheet

- KidsCount "Data Across the States"  compare something for all 50 states

How to get it to a Google Spreadsheet????
(remember, everything should be in a separate column)
(start using keyboard control C or command C....)
A) Try copy & paste

didn't work???
B) Find someplace in the original that says "download data" or "raw data" and click on that.
If it opens, try to copy & paste that

didn't work??
C) find an office program on the computer (LibreOffice, OpenOffice...). 
Open its spreadsheet program (might be called "Calc" or "Numbers" or...)
Open the downloaded data ( the file that you downloaded)
Copy & Paste the data from that spreadsheet

D) You might be able to upload & convert an Excel file to Google if the data was downloaded as Excel, go to Google Drive and click "Upload" have to make your "Upload Setings" (top right "gear' in Drive) are on "Convert"


When you get your data into a Google Spreadsheet, it should be in separate columns. You will have the spreadsheet do some calculations for you : mean, 3 medians, mode, minimum, maximum & 2 ranges.

You put an equal sign and a formula (sometimes called function) into a cell.  You need to know which cell has your first piece of data (like E1) and which has you last (like E250).
Example     =max(e1:e250)      finds the maximum value in the data. 
You should label your calculations by typing in the cell next to it what it is.

If you are wondering what other formulas & functions it will do, click on "Insert", then "Function", then "More".
I just found out there is a "Quartile" function to find the 1st & 3rd quartiles for a box & whisker plot.

Now it is time to make plots of your data.....

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factorials, permutations, combinations
irrational numbers , nth roots

Error & Polygons